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How Cloud Is Safer and More Effective Than DYI Methods Of Data Storage?

There are various reasons, security and cost being the major ones, that have kept numerous organizations and individuals away from cloud computing. Sometimes, I get a feeling that the term ‘cloud’ itself has not helped the cause as it is quite vague and unclear. If you are skeptical about cloud computing, I would advise you to imagine it as a safe deposit locker and then go through the following points: Sec ...

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Google Introduces Latest Cloud Storage Pricing Structure Beating All Competitors

About 5 to 10 years ago, you would not have imagined owning personal online storage capacity of a terabyte; however, Google, living up to its brand name, has announced last week that it will offer a terabyte of cloud storage for merely $9.9. The technology giant will provide the initial 15 GB per month without any cost, and if you need massive memory space, you can buy 10 terabytes or more for just $100. Ov ...

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Cloud Storage War Between Dropbox and Box Heats Up Next Year

Year 2014 is awaiting to witness the conflict of financials between renowned cloud storage service providers. In this context, Dropbox is on the top of news for its efforts to carry a new round of funds earlier next year. Sources have now confirmed, the company is planning to raise $250 million this time. This is not it. An official spokesperson claimed that Dropbox is currently serving 200 million consumer ...

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Effectively Using Your Cloud Storage

You've probably heard of Hoarders, the show that sheds light on real-life hoarders whose homes, cars and lives are full of useless clutter. You may have even felt shock or disgust when watching these episodes, but it's not just physical hoarding that's become a problem. Several years ago, a YouTube comedy show filmed a parody of Hoarders, featuring Michael, a so-called data hoarder. Although you might not h ...

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Vectorworks Now Provides 5GB of Cloud Storage to Its Users

Globally renowned for its 3D design technologies, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.,has proclaimed a 5GB of storage capacity for the Vectorworks Cloud Services users. This storage capacity has been increased from 1GB to 5GB, letting users conveniently access a greater number of files and projects, increased to five times, from any device having an access to the web. Chief technology officer (CTO) of Nemetschek V ...

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