What Do I Need To Operate Online?

As a business, you can't simply set up shop online. Various procedures and regulations ensure that there are certain requirements that must be met to operate legally. Even if this wasn't the case, some things are just a good idea. When you take security into account, the average customer is arguably more likely to go somewhere invested in safety and procedure. As such, here are a few areas for you to consid ...

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Brinkster Adopts Radware’s Attack Mitigation System For Protection Against Cyber Attacks to its Cloud

Radware ®(NASDAQ: RDWR) - a leading application delivery and application security solutions supplier for virtual as well as cloud-based data centers - recently announced the adoption of Radware's Attack Mitigation System (AMS) by Brinkster – a globally-recognized hosting and cloud services company – to protect the latter’s customers from the ever-increasing security threats and cyber-attacks. Brinkster is a ...

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5 Motives to Mull Over Cloud-based Anti-spam

No enterprise wants its data system to be spammed. All the companies do their best to keep away from spreading malware. The malware is spread for phishing the account details of the customers and it greatly affects the general productivity of the company. Jeff Orloff of GFI software makes it clear that the new cloud anti-spamming solutions are helpful in tightening up small enterprises. Choosing cloud anti- ...

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Essential Security Measures To Protect Your Data On The Cloud

Keeping your data and applications on the cloud instead of within the company exposes it to public networks, and makes your enterprise vulnerable to serious security threats from outside. While cloud computing has its obvious benefits, there are serious security risks associated as well. However, taking a few precautions can ensure that your confidential data remains safe from prying eyes and unauthorized a ...

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Risks And Rewards Of Cloud Computing During Crisis

Cloud computing has materialized as a savior of the technological world which is in the midst of disaster. However, the cloud computing is not something completely new; web, email and search engines are example of cloud computing in disguise.  Like cloud computing, which acts as a shield to protect the harmed from getting fully assaulted, the web, email and search engines also help recuperate a person or gr ...

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How To Employ Cloud Computing Security

In spite all the worries and doubts regarding cloud computing you might unknowingly using it. It’s probably because your company has implemented it. You never know if your company has subscribed to some services like those offered by or your organization might be using internal private cloud. It’s also a possibility that hosted email is under your use. Keeping aside all these doubts and uncer ...

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