Unified Communication – Pocket-sized Worldwide Connectivity

Unified communications (UC) is an expanding standard system of electronic communications over a network that is ubiquitously called the TCP/IP network (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), called such because these two systems were the first protocols standardized in the network. The protocols now standardized in the network include telephony (real-time voice communications), instant messaging ...

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Using Technology Bluetooth for Wireless etwork in your Home

  Bluetooth(tm) is a familiar word to both techies and not-so-techies. When considering constructing a Wireless network in your home, it's tempting to rely on Bluetooth(tm) devices and connections. However, your neighborhood has good Ethernet service by a reliable provider. Which is better for you? Bluetooth(tm) technology uses radio transmissions to send and receive signals — communications — between ...

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Why WAN Optimization Is More Important Than Ever For Businesses

Businesses are in a competitive global market and require a network that is efficient, reliable, and available. WAN optimization appliances address these needs by managing the flow of network traffic and providing mechanisms to avert Internet outages that disrupt user productivity and costs businesses. With an increasing number of businesses taking advantage of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud service ...

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