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4 Reasons For Bloggers To Move To Cloud Hosting Providers

Blogging is definitely the right course of action for people who take spreading ideas in the online space seriously but equally important is securing the right hosting for your blog. Although the most basic of the hosting types such as Shared Hosting is something that bloggers have traditionally preferred, many of them are moving to Cloud Hosting providers. In this post, we will discuss 4 sensible reasons w ...

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Microsoft Thinks For Fuel-cell Based Datacentres

Cloud storage and cloud computing system seems far too nice, smooth and easy to operate and sustain. But, this is not the case in actual. Although the overall concept sounds virtual, the stored data definitely exists somewhere physical. The places where physical servers of cloud computing systems are set up, installed, and operated are called the datacentres. Datacentres usually consist of large servers, wh ...

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Surviving A Data Disaster In Your Business

Disaster Planning When it comes to planning for natural disasters, there is no easy solution. Small and medium-sized businesses usually have an emergency plan in place, in the event of a natural disaster, to take care of their employees. But what about hardware and data? Cloud-Based Options Cloud-based solutions are becoming a popular notion, where data could be housed for an indefinite period of time until ...

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Is Cloud Storage Right For Your Company?

When it comes to data storage, many business owners cling to the belief that keeping data on-site will keep it safe. Although the security of stored data is a worthwhile concern, concluding that the cloud is an unsafe platform and refusing to consider virtual storage as an option may cost a business money, efficiency and access. Many business owners who switch to cloud hosting find that the risks are well w ...

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7 Important Factors That Encourage You To Use Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud hosting, more commonly known as cloud computing, is a technology that has gained a lot of popularity over a short period of time. Rather than buying and installing software on the computer, an increasing number of companies now use cloud hosting, where computer services and applications are available on an external server and are accessible through the internet. By hiring the services of cloud hosting ...

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Effectively Using Your Cloud Storage

You've probably heard of Hoarders, the show that sheds light on real-life hoarders whose homes, cars and lives are full of useless clutter. You may have even felt shock or disgust when watching these episodes, but it's not just physical hoarding that's become a problem. Several years ago, a YouTube comedy show filmed a parody of Hoarders, featuring Michael, a so-called data hoarder. Although you might not h ...

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