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Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Re-launched As OneDrive

Due to the recent lawsuit against using the name ‘SkyDrive’, Microsoft Corporation had to rename its service. However, the tech giant has rather re-launched its cloud storage with a new name and added features. From now on, it will be called as ‘OneDrive’ with rest of the branding to be pretty same as before. So now, while you log in to SkyDrive, you will automatically be redirected to OneDrive. Let us see ...

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Cloud Computing Encourages Productivity And Collaboration

Cloud computing has emerged as a prerequisite for every business and gained popularity in a very short span of time. This technology is growing like never before. Regardless of the size and type of any business, it has become the only viable solution to all our needs. Though in its initial stages, cloud computing is also being used at an individual level. Hotmail and Google’s Gmail are just a few examples o ...

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Google Apps or Office 365: Which Cloud Platform is Right For You?

As cloud computing becomes more popular, more cloud service providers continue to enter the market.  But two platforms, in particular, regularly create buzz and attract huge customer bases.  Google Apps and Office 365, Google’s and Microsoft’s cloud computing platforms, are two of the most widely used cloud-based services.  So how do you know which of these cloud platforms is right for you? Thanks to Micros ...

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