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SaaS: Accounting Software Pros and Cons

Accounting software became well known in the midmarket enterprises in the mid 1980s. With easy access to personal computers due to cheaper rates, accounting also became personalized and it turned out to be a crucial tool for business and trade. Accounting software made the preparation of fiscal reports easier for the users of personal computers owing to advanced computer technology. People usually considere ...

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10 Amazing Apps for Freelancers

Nowadays there really is an app for everything. So if you are a freelancer who is not using an app to simplify your everyday tasks, from selling downloads, creating invoices to collaborating with your clients and others in your team you could very well be missing out on some great resources. 1. Dropbox Dropbox is perfect for the freelancer who travels and needs accessibility of files without lugging their l ...

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Google Apps or Office 365: Which Cloud Platform is Right For You?

As cloud computing becomes more popular, more cloud service providers continue to enter the market.  But two platforms, in particular, regularly create buzz and attract huge customer bases.  Google Apps and Office 365, Google’s and Microsoft’s cloud computing platforms, are two of the most widely used cloud-based services.  So how do you know which of these cloud platforms is right for you? Thanks to Micros ...

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Comprehending the Various Functions of a Cloud Computing Setup

Before undertaking the decision to shift from enterprise to cloud based, it is absolutely imperative to comprehend various functions of cloud computing. Here are six major functions of cloud computing: Cloud Service Provider The actual provider of the service is just like an internet service provider. This entity is in charge of cloud computing platform and its regulation. The service package normally inclu ...

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Cloud Computing on a budget

Finding the perfect cloud computing application to fit your work is important. But keeping your budget in check is also essential. The wide variety of cloud apps on the Internet can offer the right tools for any job, and for the right price too. From just $12 or less, you can stay within budget while working in the cloud. Zoho CRM For customer relationship management Zoho CRM comes highly recommended. A fre ...

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Changing Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud adoption is quite apparent globally these days. The National Inflation Association indicates that about 3% of IT spending these days is being spent on cloud computing which makes approximately $74 billion and it is being predicted that $150 billion will be spent on the industry until 2013.This industry is also contributing in offering various new jobs. A Microsoft report which came out via IDC indicat ...

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