Corelynx’s Architecture Will Now Be Based On OpenStack

Corelynx Inc., the Indian based cloud solutions provider, is to join OpenStack and implement its open cloud architecture. This was officially announced by Manash Chaudhuri, Director and CEO of Corelynx. This event of enactment was already expected from the vendor, as most of the cloud service and solution providers are inclining towards OpenStack. Corelynx will completely base its architecture and serve acc ...

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OpenStack Updates Cloud Networking With Havana

IT professionals who work with public or private cloud may need to refresh themselves as OpenStack recently released Havana. The new release is getting fast attention of service providers, businesses and institutions. Havana was announced on Thursday and it is the eighth major release from OpenStack and may work great for the OpenStack initiative. The open source cloud architecture of OpenStack has been adv ...

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OpenStack Is Now A Part Of Oracle

Open source cloud technology called OpenStack has been plugged into Oracle. The new public cloud service will be released in the market soon, packed with advanced technology and improvements. The OpenStack addition was announced at Oracle OpenWorld conference on Tuesday. OpenStack has recently received a lot of code contributions from various companies including Red Hat, NASA, HP and Rackspace. It is one of ...

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First Things First: Figuring Your Web Hosting Needs

When it comes time to launch your website, you need to know what you intend the site to accomplish. Is it a gaming site or a retail site? Does the site simply need to inform users about your products or does it need to sell directly to them? Determining what your website needs to accomplish, and the types of conversions you want to get on the site, is your first priority when it comes to launching your onli ...

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OpenStack: Even the NSA Is on Board

The battle of cloud computing platforms continues and OpenStack vendors are celebrating another win for their platform. The National Security Agency (NSA) announced at the Portland OpenStack Summit that it is successfully using OpenStack technology. Surely, if the U.S. intelligence agency puts its data on OpenStack, skeptics can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Even though OpenStack has been lauded as e ...

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