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IBM Increases Data Storage Efficiency With SmartCloud Data Virtualization

Acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships are now vital part of the global cloud industry. Latest in this regard is the partnership between renowned IBM and Actifio, a small privately held software company. IBM, which was recognized for its late entry into the cloud segment, is now making continuous moves to gain advantage over its major rivals like Microsoft, Amazon, and Verizon. The company has recently ann ...

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IBM Inclines To Capture Indian Market For Its Cloud Services

A much-escalated competition can be seen in the cloud services industry these days. Followed by the controversy of Edward Snowden and German SAP AG being welcomed at Chinese markets, US based cloud providers are sniffing around to sustain their impact. International Business Machines (IBM) also called as the Big Blue has taken a step further in this regard. The company is looking to offer its technology ser ...

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Revival Of IBM Cloud

The IBM Corporation, world’s largest computer services provider is undergoing a flick of hard times. As depicted by the income statements of last quarter (Sep-2013), company has experienced the overall revenue, 5 per cent lower than the previous quarter. This might be a tormenting wave for IBM. There could be certain influencing factors for such a sales and financial outcome. Of course, that has not resulte ...

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IBM Cloud Aids Slovenian Railways To Build Smarter Rail Roads

Slovenia has just announced that it is going to utilize IBM’s cloud solution to augment and enhance crucial aspects for Central European Railway. Department of business operations and customer services would benefit most from it. Incorporation of cloud based centralized IT system will bestow boons like holistic view across freights and ability to keep a vigilant eye on logistics and passenger operations. Ce ...

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