Amazon Announces Two New M3 Instance Types and Price Reductions In S3 and EBS

To make itself competitive, Amazon Web Services announced two new sizes for EC2 M3 instance and cut rates for two existing cloud products. The new sizes for EC2 M3 instances are M3.medium and M3.large. On the other hand, Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS will now be offered at reduced prices. Amazon has agreeably been the largest cloud service provider till date with highest number of customers and users. However, i ...

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AWS Announces New Updates and Features At Re:Invent 2013

In the race of fastest growing Cloud services and solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been able to list itself among the market leaders. AWS introduced a number of new products and solutions in its Re: Invent Conference, earlier this month. This display of services portrayed how much dedicated Amazon is to its cloud management subsidiary. Over 9000 developers attended the conference, which is a matter ...

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Amazon’s CIA Cloud – Cloud Privacy In Question Again

Amazon is contemplating building a private cloud for the CIA. This has got a lot of tongues wagging and has created quite a buzz about Amazon Web Service Plan. Does this mean Amazon Web Service is recanting on its vehement stance of private clouds being senseless? The answer to that question depends on how a private cloud is defined and perceived. AWS was questioned about rumors that it’s constructing data ...

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Amazon S3 Getting Bigger and Better – Holds Three Trillion Objects

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are growing quicker and getting better day by day. After reaching one-trillion objects mark in less than a year, now Amazon is stocking over two trillion objects in its Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud storage. Although Amazon has not revealed the allocation size of its stored objects yet proclaims the object's range from zero to 5TB in size. These objects hold a key, a Version ID ...

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Amazon Is Making Its Cloud More Secure Using Cryptography In CloudHSM

  The cloud is getting bigger and better over time in providing quality services to users across the globe; however many people are still worried because of the rising security concerns. Therefore to continue growing, cloud vendors need to change this perception, and take note of the security issues. Amazon, a bigger name in cloud services industry has stepped forward to combat with the rising security ...

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How to Use Amazon EC2

How to Use Amazon Ec2 In order to successfully comprehend what Amazon Ec2 entails, it’s imperative that readers familiarize themselves with its underlying architecture i.e. cloud computing. Cloud computing is the latest buzzword prevalent in the IT circles and is being hailed as the next evolutionary step for the present day module of computing. Put in layman’s term, cloud computing is the provision of reso ...

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