Use of Renewable Energy Resources for Cloud Computing by IT companies

The global information technology brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Facebook are in a competition to provide greenest cloud computing by changing the ways of listening to music, sharing images, watching movies or TV, communicating and working. Because of excessive scale and enlargement of assets, the cloud computing society is growing rapidly and is estimated to develop up to 50 tim ...

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

There’s been a lot of gossip about what cloud computing is, how it functions, and what it offers to the end users and organizations in the recent past, but a very few posts came into light carrying advantages and disadvantages of this latest state-of-the-art technology. Since there are countless advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, but the ones being discussed here are of supreme importance. Let ...

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Cloud Computing Certification And Employment Horizons

Future looks bright for cloud computing as it has a lot of potential to broaden the employment horizons. According to statistics, it’s safe to assume that this technology would be responsible for creation of 14 million new jobs in the coming three years world wide. The scope of jobs created would transcend the IT sector and have an impact on other sectors as well. This statistical data was compiled because ...

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What will Cause the Cloud Failure….

Be it new software or new devices we love latest technology. However if you don’t understand any of them you are walking on the highway of disaster where you should expect huge disasters when proceeding into the cloud. Unfortunately, too many people in IT adore the technology blindly especially when you talk about the new-for- them cloud. This is increasingly becoming a problem thus attention should be paid ...

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11 Tips for Effective Cloud Computing Acceptance

Cloud adoption can turn out to be a risky business due to different issues. There should be a perfect sync between the corporate strategy, information, vendor lock-in, teamwork, safety, licensing and other crucial areas to make it work for your organization. Following are a few tips that can turn out to be highly beneficial for your organization with regard to cloud computing. 1.      Cloud Computing is Ess ...

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