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Searching, Seek and Deploy: Deployment as a Cloud Consideration

By Sue Poremba Sue Poremba is a freelance writer focusing primarily on security and technology issues and occasionally blogs for cloud service provider Rackspace Hosting. As an enterprise company, it’s important to make sure your needs don’t outgrow your cloud provider’s capabilities. And there are a lot of other advantages of having flexibility with a cloud provider. A custom hybrid solution gives you the ...

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OpenStack: Even the NSA Is on Board

The battle of cloud computing platforms continues and OpenStack vendors are celebrating another win for their platform. The National Security Agency (NSA) announced at the Portland OpenStack Summit that it is successfully using OpenStack technology. Surely, if the U.S. intelligence agency puts its data on OpenStack, skeptics can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Even though OpenStack has been lauded as e ...

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A Cloud for Every Need

Of the technologies that have revolutionized IT within the business world, cloud computing remains a major component in how companies operate. The latest challenge to the industry is being able to meet the demands of a growing market of customers, including healthcare, education and retail. Each of these industries requires cloud systems tailored to fit their needs, and a single-provider approach is no long ...

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OpenStorage Beats the Vendor Lock-In Blues

[caption id="attachment_1802" align="alignright" width="199" caption="Image credit: Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee for"][/caption] There are plenty of interesting and exciting developments surrounding the world of data storage. But one of the most confusing aspects of this changing world has to do with how specific data – specifically hard disk storage – vendors setup their pricing models. ...

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Threats to Enterprises Because of Shift to Cloud Computing

The growing trend of cloud computing has forced companies to migrate to the cloud. The movement to the cloud computing seems foreseeable and inexorable. Cloud computing also has its risks for its increased adoption and all these dangers will be discussed in this put up. The enterprises moving to the cloud computing are facing these threats. Extremely split market Usually the cloud computing market is a winn ...

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