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Improving Site Efficiency and Interface: Make It About The User

A Web page that takes just four seconds to load will lose 25%, who view the site as too slow. Improving the load time of a website reduces this user loss, but it isn't something you can do alone. While there are steps you can take to improve page loading speed, such as decreasing image file size, your hosting company largely determines your website loading time. If you're running a Web app, your database ho ...

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Why Cloud Computing is Much Cheaper Than You Think

Most people have misunderstood the cloud computing cost; they measure all the relevant cost components but do not factor in all relevant aspects. The problem is in the thought that is based on the consideration that computing has and will always be a tangible product. This leads to a scenario where the individual is measuring everything but still getting a fuzzy understanding of the economic sense behind it ...

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Future of Enterprise Cloud Computing for Your Business

Although cloud computing is not relatively new to most computing experts – its recent adaptation as an Information Technology solution has, to an extent, reintroduced cloud computing as a new computing interest. And across the globe today, individuals and organizations are quickly catching up to this trend - with various public and private cloud computing solution providers. Among other things, cloud comput ...

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BYOD Is In Danger Because Of “Bring Your Own Cloud”

Personal cloud services have very much penetrated in the mainstream market, and we can even name a couple of services, without using Google Search Engine. The problem however does not lie in their number, but in the availability and usage. Personal cloud services are doing a great job by offering enough space, backup and 24/7 availability, but these services are as much of a problem for BYOD amateurs as the ...

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Will Google’s G-Drive Revolutionize the Cloud Market

After a considerable amount of gap, now Google is coming back with its storage solution, the G Drive, via cloud computing. Some of the screenshots leaked here and here reveal that Google is expected to release a 5GB storage solution in mid April. Google has already invested in the cloud computing technology for the extra space to launch the Google Play and the Google Music. The question that arises here is ...

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