Bigger Means Better? How Does The Cloud Storage On Iphone 5 Affect The Environment?

It is most probably that in the very moment in which you bought an iPhone 5, you did not consider that it could affect the environment in any different manner. The truth is that charging your phone does not lead to catastrophic changes in climate. Actually iPhone 5 battery costs are minute compared to another bigger issue. The popular Cloud that Apple has advertised as the new way to keep all your data in o ...

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Amazon Launches Cloud Player App For iOS Devices

For music lovers, Amazon has come up with an app which lets users shop their favorite music and play it anywhere on Apple devices. The Cloud Player app is launched today by the online retailer giant, Amazon for Apple iPad and iPad Mini. The initiative is taken to expand the company’s mark in online music streaming. The proposed app will let users download mp3 files from Amazon’s online platform, and facilit ...

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How Does iCloud Work On iPhone?

When Apple introduced iOS 5, iPhone owners got plenty of new features to enjoy, one of which was ‘iCloud’. iCloud is a physical cloud space that allows users to save data up in the “clouds”. Just like cloud web hosting where users’ save their website data on remote cloud servers, the iCloud is Apple’s cloud storing service. The prime advantage of iCloud is that users don’t have to depend on the physical sto ...

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