Cloud Computing- A New Way of Expanding Your Business

As the computer technology is advancing many new technologies are offered which have expanded business market a lot. With the help of these new technologies, information sharing is now possible across border. This type of online connectivity has enabled the users to access the global market anytime anywhere. The target of these technologies is not limited to large businesses only; they are also focusing on ...

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Cloud Computing will Create Multitudes of Jobs in the Coming Years

London School of economics has indicated that with the rise in the cloud computing technology, the jobs market is expected to rise. A few days back, there was a study released by the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) about the cloud computing technology. According to this study, the cloud computing innovation will turn out to be a positive development for the businesses. Now a new study has been released by ...

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Changing Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud adoption is quite apparent globally these days. The National Inflation Association indicates that about 3% of IT spending these days is being spent on cloud computing which makes approximately $74 billion and it is being predicted that $150 billion will be spent on the industry until 2013.This industry is also contributing in offering various new jobs. A Microsoft report which came out via IDC indicat ...

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What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an online service which connects all the computers of a network and provides information uniformly. It is not an online product, it’s a service. Let’s suppose you are building a network for which you have to buy 4, 5 computers. But you cannot buy licensed software or application for every computer. It is time consuming as well as stressful too. In cloud platform, you have to install an ap ...

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