Samsung Galaxy S4 Expected To Hit 10 Million Sales Next Week

Are you a fun of the Samsung Galaxy S4? You must be celebrating as the flagship received a very warm reception in the market getting a great success that the company is very proud of even at the moment. This Samsung Galaxy S4 which is considered to be the fourth generation Smartphone garnered up to six million sales in just two weeks after the release which broke the record of the previous Samsung Galaxy S3 ...

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How To Add Desktop Icons Into Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

If you have looked closely at the new Metro Start Screen you will have noticed that the common desktop icons are not present. Icons like My Computer and My Documents are not present in this new Start menu. However, it is not that hard to put your favorite icons to the Start menu. The icons can be put as tiles just like the other Windows applications and the other installed applications that also appear in t ...

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Remembering or Memory

Let us think about our earliest memories, if only we are too unusual we shall be able to remember some incident of our age below 3 or 4. Again those remembrances will be broken, and dismal. For most of us the memories of early childhood are frustratingly fragmentary and elusive. Even the great writer Leo Tolstoy could remember only four memories before the age of 5 (Salaman, 1970). The first memory will exp ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4: Smartest Smartphone?

Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone design, the Galaxy S4, on the 14th March. The hype finally comes to an end (almost) with the launch. The Core The Galaxy S4 incorporates a 1.9GHz quad core processor, 2 GB RAM, and iscapable of running 1920x1080 HD.This smartphone has come a long way from Galaxy S3.The rear camera is 13 MP and the front camera a decent 2 MP. Of course, the OS is none other than the And ...

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Save Your PC Using Your Flash Drive

USB flash drives are a very popular tool, and for good reasons. They are small, easy to install and can hold a large amount of data at once. It they are so useful, it would be a crime not to have one. Now, there is another reason why you should bring one around at all times, as you can use your USB to lock down your PC. Predator is a small application for Windows that allows you to lock down your PC using n ...

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