Bigger Means Better? How Does The Cloud Storage On Iphone 5 Affect The Environment?

It is most probably that in the very moment in which you bought an iPhone 5, you did not consider that it could affect the environment in any different manner. The truth is that charging your phone does not lead to catastrophic changes in climate. Actually iPhone 5 battery costs are minute compared to another bigger issue. The popular Cloud that Apple has advertised as the new way to keep all your data in o ...

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You Don’t Need A Backup And Restore Service – Cloud Storage Is Here

In this high-tech era, we all work day and night on computer, and keep saving our data to ensure that nothing is lost in case the power fails or any other tragedy occurs. Almost everyone I know has 100s of GBs of personal data stored in their PCs that they have no idea of how to backup. Documents, images, videos, emails, contacts and software application all keep on piling up as the time progresses. Hence r ...

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The Marvels of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a term that has flourished as the latest technical term in this science world. The term actually refers to computer tasks performed entirely over the internet. It is a platform for applications that are used to store documents, photos, videos and other important data online instead of hosting such tasks on one’s computer. The files hosted by cloud computing can be accessed by any device t ...

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Why Co-location Data Centre Is Critical For Your Business and Its Continuity

Due the advent of fast internet, more and more users are coming online to search for the products and services they are looking for. This allows the end-user to buy their favorite products and services from the comfort of their home without much hassle. This turn in the user`s behaviors has made business owners realize the importance of being online 24/7, 365 days a year. Online shopping websites, education ...

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