5 Motives to Mull Over Cloud-based Anti-spam

No enterprise wants its data system to be spammed. All the companies do their best to keep away from spreading malware. The malware is spread for phishing the account details of the customers and it greatly affects the general productivity of the company. Jeff Orloff of GFI software makes it clear that the new cloud anti-spamming solutions are helpful in tightening up small enterprises.

Choosing cloud anti-spam

Types of spam solutions include: appliance, hosted solutions and software. These solutions are at times used by small and medium-scaled enterprises to defeat spam successfully. Usually, one solution is preferred over the other based on the decisions of the managing committee of the company and the performance of the system is usually not considered in this regard. There are some special features of cloud centered anti-spam solutions which help an organization. These are described here:


In the IT profession, raids on hard drives, multiple NICs and multiple power supplies on servers and computers, are common and must not be interrogated. If the server fails then your data is not left at risk if you are using a cloud based anti-spam solution.


The on-premises solutions have the ability to balance the requirements of your company. Cloud based anti-spam is not different than this and thus it becomes a selling point for it. When your company is growing, your mailbox and data center is always protected.


A better cloud based anti-spam solution will remain successful on all the mail servers or the clients you have installed on your PCs, regardless of the operating system your computer is using. You do not have to face the agreeableness problems for your company if it has multiple platforms and if it has to migrate to compatible desktops and servers.

Adaptation and Adjustability

The cloud based anti-spam solutions give the email administrators the control over their junk folders. The users, who do not want this control, have not to be worried about it. You do not have to rely on the IT professionals and you can have a check of false entities in your mailbox yourself. By this, the users feel empowered. Filters perform the spam filtering and the users are informed about the spam mails before opening them. The suspected spam can be easily identified as most of the times a mail summary is provided which flags the mails having spam.

Save money and time

When you don’t use cloud based services, you spend a lot of money in arranging hardware, software, operating system, configurations, management, maintenance etc. All the cost on these entities can be saved by using cloud based anti-spam services. The users are empowered and this saves that time of IT professionals which they spend on addressing spam in messages and questions which arise about the missed mails.

The increasing dangers of spam can be fought by up-to-date technologies of on-premise and cloud based anti-spam services. You have to choose between the two types of anti-spam solutions by researching and assessing the needs and goals of your company.

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