Cloud Emerges As A Tool For Police To Gather Evidence

A spring party taking place last month in a beach town of Southern California ended up in a riot where the guests started smashing cars, breaking windows, hurling rocks and whatnot. Loads of people were injured while a few landed in the hospital, which included a few police officials as well. At present, the authorities are pursuing the matter through investigation in Isla Vista and are making use of a rece ...

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CenturyLink Offers Low-Cost Cloud Services With Massive Price-Cuts

Competition in the cloud market is getting intense, with cloud service providers spending huge sums of money to enhance their infrastructure and provide better services to their customers. In recent times, various companies have lowered down their prices to attract maximum clients and gain an edge over their competitors. While Amazon, Google and many other companies have already offered cheaper rates to the ...

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Shares Of Cloud Computing Companies Took An Unexpected Jump

Cloud computing continues to rise and progress as shares of some cloud software companies took a jump yesterday, with Workday, a cloud-based supplier of finance software and human resources, emerging as a big player in the stock market. Workday’s shares increased about nine percent to touch $73.30 mark, while the stocks of IT support software company, ServiceNow jumped up to $49.17, with an improvement of s ...

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