5 Reasons Your Small Business Absolutely Needs A Website

If your small business doesn't have a website, it needs to get one right away. In the 21st century, online marketing is a must. It will help your business connect with customers while increasing sales at the same time. If you still aren't convinced, here are 5 more reasons your business needs to develop a website ASAP. 1) Increase Market Share Your site can be a powerful tool to help you make more sales and ...

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Government Sector Will Invest $18.48 Billion By 2018 In Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, cloud computing and its related services have increasingly been drifting from corporate to Government sector. Yet the concerns of data security, privacy and regulatory matters are still in the pipeline and need to be revisited. With this foreseen drift in the cloud service adaptations in Government sector, a market research firm MarketsandMarkets assumes that by the year 2018, Gover ...

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Corelynx’s Architecture Will Now Be Based On OpenStack

Corelynx Inc., the Indian based cloud solutions provider, is to join OpenStack and implement its open cloud architecture. This was officially announced by Manash Chaudhuri, Director and CEO of Corelynx. This event of enactment was already expected from the vendor, as most of the cloud service and solution providers are inclining towards OpenStack. Corelynx will completely base its architecture and serve acc ...

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