Bigger Means Better? How Does The Cloud Storage On Iphone 5 Affect The Environment?

It is most probably that in the very moment in which you bought an iPhone 5, you did not consider that it could affect the environment in any different manner. The truth is that charging your phone does not lead to catastrophic changes in climate. Actually iPhone 5 battery costs are minute compared to another bigger issue. The popular Cloud that Apple has advertised as the new way to keep all your data in o ...

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Power Behind PS4 – The Gaikai Cloud

As the official launch date of PS4 hits the door, more and more facts are starting to dwindle in the capacious nut and here we are again in the cloud. The real power of cloud computing has again depicted itself in the gaming industry. The race for the cloud based gaming consoles is touching some new heights as the world leaders in the gaming industry have announced their next generation gaming consoles to b ...

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Google Chromecast – Cloud TV At Its Best

Cloud computing is becoming one of the most productive and colossal technologies, augmenting the serviceability and usage of computing devices for the masses. The utility and usability of cloud-based infrastructure is compelling the enterprise-level organizations to adapt a range of cloud-based services available now. The power of Cloud TV is yet again depicting its true colors as Chromecast is in town ― a ...

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Office 365 ― Cloud Platform For Businesses

Computing giants are keen to provide cloud-based platforms, specifically at the enterprise levels to make migration from the legacy systems to cloud easy. Microsoft, with the advent of Windows Azure cloud has been elevating its performance and serviceability in the cloud computing domains. And now, Office 365, another pearl in the progression castle of Microsoft marks the best cloud computing integration wi ...

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