Vexxhost Offers Free Subscription In Celebration of its 7th Anniversary

Vexxhost web hosting service provider is now proudly celebrating its 7th anniversary, successfully proving that they are the most dominating business chain in the cloud hosting solutions today. At this memorable achievement, it is offering a free subscription of one month on its amazing cloud hosting service. This was announced exclusively on their vexxhost website. Vexxhost has announced this attractive pr ...

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Classes on DevOps in WSO2 Cloud Event

The world is moving at a much faster pace with each passing decade and to keep up with the pace, organizations, governments and industries are utilizing DevOps principles. WSO2 is an open source company which provides SOA software programs to fulfill this purpose. The company is organizing a Summer School this year to train IT architects with the usage of cloud applications. WSO2, Lean Enterprise Service-Or ...

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DataPipe Awarded with Gold Stevie Award at the American Business Awards 2012

  Jersey City, New Jersey- Datapipe, a global cloud and IT services provider won the Gold Stevie Award in the “Customer Service Department of the Year” category at the 10th American Business Awards that was held at Marriot Marquis Hotel in New York on 18th June, 2012. Although a whooping 3,000 businesses including small and large, public and private from all over the country were nominated, Datapipe was hon ...

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Hosters Likely to Hold 46% of Cloud Market

NEW YORK- Hosters, with their past experience and a strong customer base, have an edge in the fast race of providing the best way to purchase cloud services for companies having less than 999 employees (small and medium sized businesses, SMBs). According to the recent statistics provided by AMI-Partner’s ‘World Wide SMB route to Market model ’and ‘2012 U.S Hosters’ SMB Cloud Opportunity Playbook’, in 2012, ...

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Google Introduces Compute Engine: New Cloud Infrastructure Service

With the development of Google Compute Engine, Google has entered in the growing IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) field. Users can now easily manage large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines through Google’s infrastructure. Google has entered a very competitive market dominated by big players like Verizon, Amazon, Rackspace, Softlayer, GoGrind, AT&T and VirtuStream, all providing the I ...

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Survey Reveals Benefits and Barriers of Cloud Storage

On June 28, 2012, PRNewswire showed the results of a survey conducted about the public disposition towards cloud storage and its acceptance, through COMTEX in NATICK, Massachusetts. The details of the survey results can be viewed at About three-fourth of the users of cloud storage claimed that their data could be retrieved within 24 hours. While, stats show one out of ev ...

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